Thursday, April 21, 2011

Washington State...

On thursday we took a long trip to Washington state. We had to drive 19 hours ALL in the car. My mom drove from about 6:00 or 6:30 to 5:00 A.M. CRAZYYYYY:) Well my dad drove some & then my mom finished it up. We went there for my aunt's wedding. I got to see my cousins and i got to see my new cousin Kendon who is severely handicap, but he looks way nice and is so cute. No worries we had a mini dvd player in the car but it was still boring in the car. Saturday morning we went to the Seattle Temple it was way cool. Then we went down to the public market. On are way down there we saw nor-strome rack. (i don't know how to spell that) well my cousin Wyatt said I love that place while my dad was reading a sign that said your weird. After Jeremy/my dad had said that he was silent. We all started laughing when my dad said he was reading it off of a sign. Well then we ate lunch at Iver's it was really good then we fed food to the seagulls. On the way back we got lost the girls even beat us back and they even went shopping for 30 minutes. Well we finally made it back while being in the car for an hour. Then my cousin and I got dressed and had my sister alexa do our hair. At 4:15 we left to the wedding. It was a fantastic wedding. My sisters danced almost 2 HOURS STRAIGHT. Sorry I don't have pictures for it but if you want to see some, go to or Thanks:)))))!!!! Hope you had a good weekend because I did.

P.S. I got to miss two days of school for this:) YYYYYAAAAAA:) Love you all!!!!!
If you want to know the people I didn't really talk about is all of my cousins. My favorite cousin is no affiance to all of my cousins but it is Chloe. Okay I have one picture of here off of my sisters blog. Here it is....

My cousin is the one getting her hair curled isn't she cute:)

Okay I do have some pictures hope you enjoy them.......

Funny Photos

The Drive

Crazy CRAZY dancers

Beautiful nature in Washington

The huge piggy bank

Of course the Public Market

Ivar's where we ate lunch

And the pretty wedding I LOVVVEEEED WASHINGTON:)!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the long story and all the pictures Love you all:))) Enjoy my blog and have a nice day:))))!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday April 5th...

Today I had the best day ever at school. Half of my class was gone. We got to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs and play games until 1:30 when they got back. At one we went out and played a kickball game against mrs. Bundys class. We completly won them. When they got back we had math, science, and pe. I loved this day. Hope you had a great day today too.