Sunday, August 26, 2012


















For my 12th birthday, I had the most AMAZING party planners! My mom and most fabulous sister, Erin, really know how to party! We spent the day together preparing, shopping, cutting hair flowers, decorating, and making party plans. Friends started to arrive at 7pm. First up, craft time! We each made two different hair flower clips. They seriously loved being crafty, despite a few hot glue gun burns. They turned out sooo cute! Next up, PHOTOSHOOT! We had a bunch of props and really had fun! Who came? Mikelle, Alivia, Cricket, Sarah, Susanna, Courtney, Brianna, Izabel, and Chole.

After some fun photos, we did a fun team game. We were randomly divided up into two teams. Each team was timed as they completed 6 different tasks. Each team member had to do one of the tasks. First, someone had to blow off the 5 orange pingpong balls off the table, without letting the white ping pong balls fall off. Harder than it looks! Second, this team member had to put on scuba flippers, put 4 crackers stacked on her forehead and walk across part of the back yard. Next, this teammate had to roll nickles between the tinges of a fork three different times. After this, the next teammate had to stack 4 marshmallows tall, using chopsticks. Getting 3 was easy, but 4 was tough! The next teammate had to use her face only to find a Starburst candy in a formed pile of flour. After she got done, every teammember had to get a marker, put it in their mouth and take turns writing Happy BDay Grace on a posterboard – no hands allowed. The first team completed theirs in 9 minutes, but the second team had much better success stacking marshmallows and finished in just over 6 minutes. It was so much fun!

Mmmm, ice cream pie and presents came next. I requested a vanilla ice cream pie (vanilla ice cream in a graham cracker crust….soooo good!), with caramel sauce and reeses’ candy for a topping. It was delicious!

My friends spoiled me with lots of presents! I seriously was so lucky, I have such amazing friends! After we gathered in a circle outside and played the “boy” game. Haha. We each had to write down the name of a cute boy from school and put those names in a bowl. Then we each took turns telling a silly story about something random (like I saw this boy at school and he said, “do you know how to do the math problems?” and after I helped him out, he wrote down his phone number and said, “call me maybe”) hahaha. After you told your story, you finished by saying…”And this boy was____________” You said the name that you pulled out of the bowl. It was seriously so funny and fun.

I really loved my party and had a lot of fun. My mom, Erin and I cut out all of the material hair flowers and had everything ready to go. We were busy, but we had a lot of fun together getting ready. Erin curled my hair. Dad took Zac to Antigravity to jump on all of the trampolines while we had the party. Spencer had to work. It was a super fun night and I am so glad that it was FRIEND PARTY year!!!