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Alexa this post is for your cute baby girl that is coming along. I am just so excited to see that cute little baby girl of yours! So Please i need time to go by faster so i can see that precious little angel of yours!  I know that your little baby is going to be adorable, sweet, kind, loving, and precious! Also i can’t wait to be an aunt to your little cute baby or my cute little niece! i love you Alexa and i know that your baby is going to be as cute as you and brain! love you guys!!! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012



so it just so happened that i was looking through the documents on one of our playroom computers when i came to one. this one….. was the one that i wrote with my siblings to put as a   guest post on alexa's blog when she was gone in hawaii one time. so i scrolled through and it was just so funny that i have to share it….

well here it is……

300 things to do in YOUR spare time….

  1. Make a six foot long sandwich
  2. Play ping pong in the rain
  3. Create disastrous events without getting caught
  4. Learn to ride a skateboard on your hands
  5. Go to Walmart
  6. Send in a report to the local newspaper
  7. Blow up your old couch
  8. Dress up like a gorilla
  9. Create a mob
  10. Make a stamp collection
  11. Have a lemonade stand
  12. Build a rocket
  13. Find a mummy
  14. Climb up the Eiffel Tower
  15. Discover something that doesn’t exist
  16. Give a monkey a shower
  17. Surf tidal waves
  18. Create nano bots
  19. Locate Frankenstein’s brain
  20. Find a dodo bird
  21. Paint a continent
  22. Drive your sister insane
  23. Create stick man show
  24. Watch TV
  25. Play Wii
  26. Find bugs
  27. Play DS
  28. Play on the computer
  29. Build epic lego creations
  30. Build a picture frame out of whale fur
  31. Make science
  32. Collect leaves from the moon
  33. Collect rocks
  34. Play with inflatable minions
  35. Create a family of imaginary friends
  36. Fight your lego creations
  37. Drink.
  38. Go to the moon
  39. Rub Gigi with a light saber
  40. Sneeze
  41. Write a list of pathetically pathetic things to do
  42. Write a play
  43. Dissect a baseball
  44. Read lists of things to do in your spare time
  45. Make cookie dough with your eyes closed
  46. Juggle your siblings
  47. Pretend to be Tarzan in your garage
  48. Tickle your uvula
  49. Make an epic train
  50. Swim the English Channel
  51. Live
  52. Laugh
  53. Love
  54. Then die
  55. Pack everything you own into one suitcase
  56. Stalk children while in a bunny suit
  57. Pretend you are a sheep
  58. Make weird noises
  59. Play pictionary
  60. Play tag with inanimate objects
  61. Paint all stop signs yellow
  62. Put jello mix in the local pool
  63. Go pool hopping
  64. Type everything with your feet
  65. Suran wrap your entire house
  66. Tie your brother to a fence
  67. Dye your hair purple
  68. Cliff jump
  69. Build a ramp
  70. Jump your bike off your ramp and hope your construction skills are good
  71. Have a swordfight without swords
  72. Light things on fire
  73. Take all the light bulbs out of your house
  74. Switch all the keyboard buttons around
  75. Play with an old pet animal
  76. Go to a store and try to get kicked out doing different things
  77. Build a basketball hoop in your house and play on it
  78. Be happy
  79. Register for wedding presents at your favorite store
  80. Go up to a random person and say random words
  81. Go be a hobo
  82. Learn how to fly the biggest kite
  83. Prank call this number… 678-8978
  84. Make a 10 foot tall touch screen computer
  85. Buy 12 packs of balloons fill them up with water and jump on the tramp with them
  86. Watch “Rocky”
  87. Mix around all of you movies into different case’s
  88. Be creative
  89. Make a pillow
  90. Set up a kissing both (this only works if you are as cute as me)
  91. Make a random invitation and hand it out
  92. Play with old toys
  93. Make a new invention
  94. Read for three days straight
  95. Plant daisies
  96. Build a….. I don’t know
  97. go swimming in a plant pot
  98. Read old papers sitting around
  99. Get a recycling bin
  100. laugh your heart out
  101. Create a paper mache monster
  102. Build a toilet out of toilet paper
  103. Clean your ears out
  104. Volunteer at an old people home
  105. But a motor on your bike
  106. Have a Star Wars marathon
  107. Eat a taco
  108. Eat a burrito
  109. Play bologna
  110. Record the next big video on youtube
  111. Yell at your neighbors pet fish
  112. Make a hot dog stand
  113. Sell your house on eBay
  114. Learn to tie knots with your feet
  115. Draw on your wall with sharpies
  116. Create a masterpiece with garbage
  117. Recycle everyone’s recycling bins
  118. Shoot the Target sign
  119. Say hi to 206 people
  120. Join an online dating site
  121. Buy all the ice cream at McDonalds
  122. Create a horror film in Walmart
  123. Write a Novel using the same 200 words
  124. Earn enough money to buy the White House
  125. Count to 3,546
  126. Walk backwards all day
  127. Sit in a box
  128. Sit in a cash register
  129. Sit in a pie tin
  130. bring forth good tidings of joy
  131. Recycle your empty Hp inkjet cartridges into raw materials for use in new products. It’s free. And it’s easy.
  132. Believe in love
  133. don’t be afraid to step outside of the triangle
  134. master the art of fencing
  135. sing along to the cooking of the toast in the toaster
  136. shrinkadinks. Enough said.
  137. go to the Lin’s and flirt with that one cute blonde haired boy
  138. don’t use the word “like” in your vocabulary
  139. buy a combo pack at the movie theaters
  140. go to the bathroom in the wilderness all day for one day
  141. probably don’t do any of the above mentioned things unless you think you are pretty cool
  142. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  143. get an old receipt and drive down your street asking all pedestrians if they would “like a receipt with that.”
  144. sing to the elevator music
  145. go sailing
  146. construct something that enables you to fly
  147. then fly in it (or test it our on your little bro)
  148. eat a French friieeeee3eeeesdxdsax
  149. wow I was surprised that the above word was in the dictionary.
  150. read the dictionary
  151. pick out 10 new wweeeeirrrrdddd words from the dictionary and use them A LOT in your vocabulary for one week.
  152. make your own list of things to do and share it on a blog
  153. kiss me
  154. enjoy a romantic picnic with your animal friend
  155. sing in the shower
  156. deep-fry your garden and then eat it.
  157. bring to life something inanimate
  158. try to swim to the moon
  159. get a sunburn
  160. put your aloe vera in the fridge… ahhh.
  161. buy a pair of glasses that make your ears look large.
  162. buy a pair of jeans that obviously flatter a hippo better than you
  163. don’t take that personally
  164. ride a horse in the middle of the road
  165. listen to the song “everybody” over and over again… it never gets old.
  166. ride a bike
  167. stare at everybody’s chin while talking to them.. it makes tem very nervous
  168. melt crayons in the microwave
  169. drive a car
  170. pretend you are 4 again
  171. get overly excited about every single little good thing that happens today
  172. give back
  173. take a ride on a big green tractor
  174. don’t shave your legs
  175. buy 175 candles for your mom’s birthday cake and light them all
  176. make plans to rule the world
  177. set fire to the sun
  178. go to lagoon
  179. share
  180. Take a nap under one of your old small baby blankets
  181. Make a baby cry and blame it on your brother
  182. Be wild
  183. Talk in Spanish
  184. Read a church lesson
  185. Plan a church lesson and teach a random class
  186. Paint seashells
  187. Press enter on a keypad
  188. Take a picture of a picture
  189. Stock peoples blogs
  190. Jump on a broken tramp
  191. Play with puppets
  192. Look at old pictures of your self
  193. Design your own shirt or pants
  194. Make underwear
  195. Give a horse a haircut
  196. Make a 3D Movie
  197. Color a crayon
  198. Get a job
  199. Stop reading this (J.K.)
  200. Say I made it to 200 in a list of things to do in your spare time
  201. Write a six page long chapter book and see if you can publish it
  202. Dress up your stuffed animals in some of your old baby clothes
  203. Jump rope
  204. Become a professional soccer player
  205. Learn a new instrument
  206. Choose to be great
  207. Play with sharpies
  208. Play 20 questions
  209. Say yippee
  210. Sing the happy birthday song
  211. Do the disco dance
  212. Be married
  213. Look up one of your ancestors
  214. Eat a 10 foot long sandwich
  215. Don’t Shower
  216. Take a shower
  217. Make a list
  218. Learn bear language
  219. Go live with bears
  220. Buy all of the chocolate you can find
  221. Go dumpster diving
  222. Have fun
  223. Read Alexa’s Blog
  224. Type in random blog names and see what you can find
  225. Love your life
  226. Think
  227. Listen
  228. Be Generous
  229. Be kind
  230. Find hope
  231. Have courage in finishing this list
  232. Bounce on a ball
  233. Play wall ball
  234. Look around you and say what needs to happen around here and stop at one spot and fix it
  235. Find an old car hop in it and see who is the first person to notice you
  236. Build a tool box
  237. Become famous
  238. Make a youtube account
  239. Animate figures
  240. Do P9DX
  241. Work out for ten minutes
  242. Do yoga
  243. Do zumba
  244. Ask a random person if you can have there money
  245. Make a seven page long essay
  246. Stop reading this right now…. Now start reading it out loud
  247. sdrawkcab siht daer (Read this backwards)
  248. Say El-em-tary School. Car-mal Sy-rup. And talk in a weird voice
  249. Say hi this many times to your self hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
  250. Play football
  251. Play basketball
  252. Play soccer
  253. Play tennis
  254. Play racquetball
  255. Play ping-pong
  256. Play volleyball
  257. Play hockey
  258. Play baseball
  259. Play softball
  260. Play four square
  261. Swim
  262. But before you play all those sports try eating 3 pounds of raw beef
  263. Hide in a refrigerator box
  264. Pretend to be Mario
  265. Chase people while wearing a hockey mask
  266. Legally marry a frog
  267. Try trading a TV for your 6 foot long sandwich
  268. Build a bird nest out of your hair
  269. Go to the beginning and start reading this list over again
  270. Look at all of your pennies and sort them into the years on them
  271. Play with your old baby toys
  272. Google yourself
  273. Play a random board game
  274. Go to a store with a old torn up game at start playing it by the game section
  275. Be Phineas and Ferb for the day
  276. Sell Jellybeans
  277. Try selling a sibling
  278. Write your name on everything you can find
  279. Say la la la I can’t hear you to all of your siblings for the rest of the day
  280. Play a sport
  281. Look at Erin
  282. Look at Spencer
  283. Look at Zac
  284. Put up Christmas lights
  285. Say hi to someone off the streets
  286. Call your cousins
  287. Go buy a light saber
  288. Color in a coloring book with crayons
  289. Make a bird nest
  290. Make a lego ship
  291. Invent something new
  292. Make a frame out of seashells
  293. Find a bird and name it
  294. Make a family out of seashells
  295. Play with a cash register
  296. Give yourself a bruise
  297. Say it is 12:47
  298. Eat your lunch
  299. Make a craft
  300. Make jewels

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Quotes for the Day…..

some cute quotes…











Happy Late Birthday Mom

Happy late birthday mom! I love you sooooo much and i am glad that you are my mom!!! To see photos and more click Here or here. but mom i really do truley love you!!!! so glad that we could have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Ohh man if you ever have the chance to camp in the backyard namely sleep on the tramp you should do it!!! We did it a few weeks ago and it was SOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!

IMG_0003 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0002 Copy (2) of IMG_1804   IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1810