Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas....

For Christmas i was SPOILED!! But i had a great time!! A few of my favs were....

  • Camera (Nikon) "Santa gift"
  • Clothes
  • Lazer Tag Guns (Family gift) X4
  • And a Family Tablet!!
Here are some of my gifts that i got...
Nice Fluffy New Boots!! :)

Nail Kit! Thanks Zac!

200 pack of solid color papers! 

all of my wonderful presents!

New HAT!!

Favorite New Outfit! { and new jacket! }

New Pajamas! 

My wonderful Camera! {but it is really white!}

Card From lex! Her blog here!

Family Tablet!

Yes, We love it!!

Lazer Tag guns X4

My Hat!

Jacket... A LOT cuter in real life!!
Thanks mom, dad, and all of my siblings for all of my presents! I had a wonderful last Christmas with Spencer! {well only for 2 years though!} (: :(

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I am so excited for Christmas! Here are just a few cute little things i found on PINTEREST!

12Easy way to get your picture frames festive- frame your favorite Christmas movie quotes!  I LOVE this!3because your greatest gift of all is the gift of love...of His salvation. please remember this not just on Christmas morning but each and every day. He loves you!
4Christmas Crafts - Snowman Ornament5DIY: Cute Snowman from old Clothing and Rice

Merry Christmas!! (:


I know that this is late but i had a wonderful thanksgiving!! I hope that all of you guys did too!! (: Go and look here to check out our wonderful weekend!! (: Hope you have a wonderful first day of December!! (: