Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer these days


I am getting very sad!!!! :( We only have 2 weeks and 2 days until summer is OVER!!!! I am not excited at all!!! My mom has been in Vegas a lot from Spencer’s tournament!!! Now we have to go to park city for my SOCCER TOURNAMENT!!! yippee!!! But we are going to go up a day early and spend that day in Lagoon!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!! i am so very excited for lagoon but not for the drive!!!! Hope you guys can spend the rest of your summer having a bunch of fun!!!!

How to make crayons out of other crayons..

okay so yesterday my mom had to go to Vegas for Spencer's basketball games!!! so Erin, Zac, and I needed something to do!!!! So we looked at and we found this craft!! P.S. pinterest has other fun things on it!!! So this is what the crayons look like!!!

IMG_0688 IMG_0675 IMG_0677 IMG_0680

Hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lawn and Lizards

so on Saturday we got a new lawn mower his name is big red chomper call!!!!! He is a good lawn mower i got to mow the lawn i had to go under our broken trampoline it was scary and hard but fun!!!! Then on sunday we caught 3 baby lizards. As we let them go my mom discovered a baby lizard had crawled up on Spencers but. Then the one he was holding we dicided to put on spencers but that was funny too!! After awhil of having them on his but we put them on his legs!!! There are pictures of them in the box and on his legs also there is pictures of me lawn mowing and zac!!! Friday and Saturday were a ton of fun!!!!

Those 2 days were so much fun!!!!!I love big red, and i love speedy, prestie, and hiccup!!!


P.S. the last three names are our lizards names!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


i wish my dog could be as cute and cool as these next dogs.....

These dogs are so cool and so cute!!! I truley do wish that Erin's dog could be as cute and cool as these dogs above. Don't you wish you could have a dog this cute or cool!!!! Well I surely do wish to have a dog like those someday!!!!

names, names, and more names

like i said later in the blog my moms computer got fixed oh how grateful I am!!! my mom's name was Jeremy she didn't know how to change it so I showed her how to change. her computer ended up being named FANNY!!! what a crazy name for the computer. well I think she got her crazy names and craziness from Alexa why because she named her camera Oliver!!! aren't they 2 crazy women!!!! so if you want to check out some craziness from my mother click here, or if you would like Alexa's blog click here!!!! also here are a few pictures of fanny!!!!

Don't you love fanny!!! Well if you don't i do!!!!


These next four pictures i love!!!!!!

I love to see the temple..

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the temple i found on one of the threee computers we have. I love  the temple so much and i know i will be married in the temple someday!!!

This one is my all time favorite!!!

I love the temple so much and i know that i will go inside some day!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


yippee my moms computer got fixed!!!! :)

More Hummingbird News

the hummingbirds flew away on Sunday. the two babies in the moring when my mom was watching them they just took off out of the nest. erin you missed them fly away. when my mom was looking at them with me one was white on its chest and the other was gray on its chest. have a great one.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy fourth of july

Hope all of you guys have had a great fourth of July!!! Well i had a great fourth of July, didn't you? I hope you guys had fun doing fireworks laughing and enjoying the day. My family went at 10:00 and went to the Santa Clara park and watched the big St. George ones. It was a ton of fun. Wish we could see them again. Also did you know in Utah i think you can do fireworks all through July.

The Hummingbirds..

so the hummingbirds hatched a bit ago but i haven't been on the computer for along time so i haven't been able to tell you about them. So know they are really big there heads are sticking out of the nest. One hummingbirds chest is white and the other grayish i wonder if they are boy and girl. Also i wonder when they are going to leave the nest. They should leave soon because i think they have been in there for 3 weeks. Have a good one.