Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Many New Things Through Life...

You guys all now the program paint right? Right. Okay good, because i didn't think that it could do much, but ohhh man this morning while just playing around i got this....

Pretty sweet huh. I was just making a polyogon and copying it and this is what i got!!! hip hip hooaray for paint.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun… Maybe

I have had such a great Christmas Break. But wait that all changed on Christmas Night. How? I got sick. My mom told me i got a fever i got fevers each day until Sunday that means a whole week of a fever each day. My Mom thinks that i got the Flu i am pretty sure i did too. I was still recovering Sunday and sort of Monday. But hip hip Hooray i am better today Tuesday!!! Still have a cough and still need lots of sleep. So nobody tell but tomorrow when we go back to school well my normal routine is wake up at 6:45 and get ready. Not tomorrow. hahah. I get to sleep in. Well two or three good reasons why.

1. I still need to get good sleep or i will need a nap.

2. I can’t do period 2 because it is PE don’t wont to be running with a cough + 1st period is just my elective Choir. Just finishing a movie no big deal-eo.

Good reasons huh well thanks to my mother!!!! Love ya mom!!! See ya tomorrow school :(



Welcome Home…


Welcome home Ty!!!! I know that you aren’t looking at this Ty but Welcome Home From Grace Call. I missed you so much, and I hope that you had a great mission!! See you sometime soon hopefully. You  were such a great brother to my dearest friend Mikelle and hope that you still are {maybe better} hahaha. See ya soon.



Back to School


We are all off back to school tomorrow. :( To bad we can’t just stay home. Summer come soon i really need you. Well hope all those kids out there try to have a great day back at school. :( I really don’t want to go. :( :( :) :) See some of you soon.



Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year....

    Happy late New Year Post!!!! Sorry i don't have any pictures but i have been sick for a week. :( getting better! But if you would like to see you some pictures go here or here. Well hope you have a great
New Year!!!!! :) :) :)