Monday, June 6, 2011


So in are backyard we have a hummingbirds nest. and today Monday Erin my sister found out that there are two hummingbirds eggs in there. The eggs should hatch in 3 weeks. So would you like to hear a fun fact about them. Well the mother lays one egg at a time then the next day it doesn't lay the 2nd but then the day after that it lays the other egg!! So if you would like to see some pictures of it go to!!!!

Virgin River

So on Friday my family and I floated down the virgin river. It was way fun but it was too long for me. I was scared half of the time so i would go again but just not so far away. Alexa if you are reading this post just note the next time you come down you should float down the virgin river with us. So on the Virgin River there are a lot of rapids. the Rapids are fun. There are also a lot of waves. If you are scared of going over sticks and rocks oh there are a lot of sticks and rocks beware. So one time my tube floated right over sticks so my foot got stuck in these sticks and i had little fuzz's of twigs in my toe-nail, and of course it was also bleeding but not for a long time. So Alexa you better have read that because you are floating down the virgin river with us some time.


Does everyone know that new place in St. George anti gravity. Well i have already been there twice. So the 2 time i went there i went with my brothers and sister. We all had a ton of fun. So at the end we were going through this boxing optical course, and we were having contests against each other. So right about before we left Spencer decided we should all go through one hole at the same time. So we all did. Erin went first, then Spencer, then Me/Grace, Last of all Zac. So Zac decided to pull on my left hand so he could go faster and i could go slower. It worked. But... at the end while Zac was still pulling on me, i tripped over a boxing thing my right hand went over Spencer and i Jammed it. Oh it was grouse.So the lesson i learned never let Zac be last out of all the big kids.

Happy Summer

so everyone how has your summer been. Have all of you guys out there having a great summer. Well me i have done pretty much nothing!!! Well i have only been floating down the virgin river and only babysat a few times. so i hope you guys have had a better summer than me. Well happy summer to all of you!!! Wish you a great and joyful summer this year.